Cosplay Character Development

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(I’ve been cosplaying for a few years and my dad has always been a little weirded out by my hobby. Back when I first started, I submitted a story. I just moved back in with my parents after grad school and this September was the first convention preparation period that my parents were privy to. This year one, of my costumes was done in greyscale, with heavy face paint and makeup done to resemble a black and white photo. My parents are chatting in the kitchen when I walk in to fetch something. Neither of them realises I’m practising my face paint.)

Dad: “Ah, [My Name]—!”

Me: *facing away* “Evenin’.”

(With as straight a face as I can, I turn towards him.)

Dad: *pauses a moment then shakes his head* “You’ve missed your ears, you eejit. They’re still pink.”

(Character development!)

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