Corrupt The Kids And You’ll Have H*** Toupee

| Melbourne, Australia | Right | September 2, 2010

(I’m a female. I’ve recently shaved my head for charity.)

Customer’s Son: “Mum, there’s a boy-lady!”

Customer: *distracted* “Is there darling?”

Customer’s Son: “Yes, at the counter.”

(The mother glares at me.)

Customer: “I see.”

Customer’s Son: “Can I be a boy-lady?”

Customer: “No. No you cannot.”

(They finish what they’re doing and as they’re leaving the mother calls me over.)

Customer: “I don’t care what you do at home, but if you want to pass for female in public, buy a d*** wig. You’re corrupting the kids!”

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  • Luke Green

    Yeah, don’t you know? You’re corrupting the children in thinking they can have a hairstyle that they want. You’re corrupting them so they don’t listen to their parents in terms of hair. Soon, they’ll be dyeing them. Or even worse, the girls will cut them short! Or the boys will grow them out long!

  • nordic

    And the gold medal winner in the long-jump-to-conclusions is…..!

    This customer

  • Kat

    I would’ve lied and told her I had cancer, just to make her feel like crap.