Cool Uncles Are A Hit

| Friendly | January 31, 2014

(I am speaking with a guitar player in my band. He is in his fifties, African-American, and works in heating and cooling. I am eighteen, Caucasian, female, and single. I’m about to leave for college in a few weeks.)

Band Member: “So, sister, are you taking the car to school with you?” *nods toward my mom’s car*

Me: “No, I’m going without a car for my first semester.”

Band Member: “Well, just let me know if you need a ride! Remember that nice car I got?”

Me: “Aw, that’s so sweet!”

Band Member: “It’s a nice little smooth black car! You could borrow it, sister, and impress your date with it. You can tell him it’s from your uncle, and that your uncle’s a hit-man, so he’d better bring both you and the car back in one piece.”

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