Cooking Up Some Laziness

| Working | April 5, 2014

(I am getting married next summer. My mum and I happen to see some very cheap bridesmaids dresses in a department store, which come in the right colour. However they don’t have the right size for my future sister in law, so my mum orders one to a store closer to where I live. Unfortunately, when the email comes to say it has arrived, it also states the person collecting it needs to bring the credit card used to order. Since my mum is unable to travel to Birmingham to collect, she rings up to see if I can collect instead.)

Employee: “Hello. Cook shop!”

Mum: “Oh, sorry. I was given this number for [Department Store].”

Employee: “Yes, this is the cook shop.”

Mum: “I meant to ring through to order collection.”

Employee: *sigh* “Yes, they are always giving out the cook shop number instead.”

Mum: “Right, well could you possibly transfer me?”

Employee: “No, we can’t do that. Every department has their own number.”

Mum: “Well could I have their number then?”

Employee: “No. I don’t know anyone else’s number.”

Mum: “Well how can I speak to them? Could you fetch someone?”

Employee: “It’s not my problem. They always give out our number.”

(Eventually she got him to get a manager, who said that as long as I brought the order number and an ID it would be fine. When I arrived to collect the dress the collection point was about 10 yards from the cook shop till, and the same staff were covering both counters. I have no idea why that employee seemed to think he couldn’t help!)

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