Cooking Up A Storm

| NJ, USA | Related | November 3, 2015

(I’m at my godparents’ house and relaxing with my godmother and her precocious three-year-old little girl. We are originally from a part of India whose population is known for their wit. My godmother is showing her daughter pictures of her cousin who is cooking and cleaning the house.)

Godmother: “Look at your cousin and the work that she does around the house!”

Daughter: “Look at her yourself!”

Godmother: *slightly annoyed* “I cook!”

Daughter: “No, Daddy usually does!” *contorting her face* “[Godfather]! Chop this! Make that!”

Godmother: *speechless*

Godfather: *whispering to me, while he and I are dying of silent laughter* “I can’t wait till she’s a teenager.”

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