Cooking Up A Compliment

, , , | Friendly | July 31, 2017

(My little sister is having a summer sleepover for all of her friends. I decided to go all out and make them some chicken fajitas and tons of homemade snacks for the sleepover. Sometime around midnight while the others are picking out a movie to watch, one of them comes downstairs to see if they can bring some up to her room.)

Me: “Sure, just make sure if anything gets spilled that you all clean it up.”

Girl: “I like having sleepovers at your house instead of at mine.”

Me: “Because I let you all eat in her room?”

Girl: “Because my mom doesn’t know how to cook.”

(I guess it’s a compliment on my cooking, but considering this particular girl comes over frequently enough to consider our house a second residence, I’m kind of curious how bad her mother cooks…)

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