Cookies Are The Perfect Cure For Homelessness

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Our head of Human Resources is a fifty-nine-year-old woman from the American South. She, therefore, has some rather… ignorant… beliefs. She especially seems to have a strange hatred for homeless people and treats all of them like they are robbers and rapists.

Since we are in the middle of the health crisis and she wants a Christmas Party, I opt to make it an hour lunch outside with people who are already here. The area is very safe — as she puts it, she “wouldn’t have renewed the lease if it wasn’t” — but because there is an ongoing crisis, people have lost their jobs and homes, resulting in a few more homeless people in the area. Therefore, she acts like stepping a toe outside the building will result in being circled by marauders.

This takes place in an all-call meeting.

Human Resources: “Why did you decide to do it outside?”

Me: “The weather will be nice and it will keep us safer.”

Human Resources: “But it isn’t very safe… There are homeless people out there.”

Me: “We will be in the courtyard so it will be fine.”

Human Resources: “But… the area is swarming with homeless people. It isn’t very safe.”

I’m speechless. No one else is saying anything.

Human Resources: “I mean, I will be there. I guess we will have to bring them some cookies so they leave us alone.”

Me: “…”

Human Resources: “Why aren’t you laughing? I was trying to make you laugh.”

By stereotyping an entire group of people? They need your compassion, not your scorn! Luckily, at that moment, the CEO came on and steered the convo away from the nefarious acts of all homeless people. She did make a few more off-colored comments throughout the meeting.

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