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Control Your Child — And Your Temper!

, , , | Right | August 4, 2022

I’m at the craft store, browsing an aisle. I hear a ruckus by the entrance. Apparently, someone’s child was running around and bumped into a young woman who happened to be checking her phone. The mother of the child saw it happen and is now yelling at the young woman at the top of her lungs.

Mother: “You ignorant b**** with your head in your phone! You hit my child!”

Young Woman: “Excuse me. Your child — who was running around the store like a wild monkey — bumped into me. Watch your children if you don’t want them bumping into strangers.”

Mother: “You were too busy with your g**d*** phone, so it’s your fault, you cancerous whore!”

Young Woman: “Great example for your child you are, calling me names and all that.”

Mother: “I’M PROTECTING MY BABY FROM SCUM LIKE YOU! You just wait! You just meet me outside and I’ll beat your stupid b****-a** up!”

Young Woman: “Again, great example. I feel sorry for your child. I truly do.”

Mother: “Don’t tell me how to raise my kid! I’m protecting my child! F****** cancerous b****!”

She stomps away with the child in tow. The child seems completely unbothered by all this somehow.

I decided to lay low during this whole exchange, but once the crazy lady clears the scene, I bring my stuff up to the counter where the young woman is still lingering, seemingly a bit afraid to leave the store.

Me: “Well, at least you can’t say it’s been a dull day. Are you all right?”

Young Woman: “Yeah, I’m shaking a bit, though. I feel so sorry for her kid, having a mom like that.”

The young woman’s husband showed up — apparently, he had been at the store next door — and escorted her safely back out. The man looked like he hit the gym frequently. If the crazy mother was indeed waiting for them outside, she would have been in for a laugh.

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