Contradicting Your Contradictions

| Learning | July 26, 2016

(We are doing a reading comprehension on animal behavior. The answer to a certain question is initially easy to find. However, two paragraphs later there is a passage that directly contradicts it. This happens as we are going through the answers.)

Teacher: “And the answer to question five is [passage].”

(Several classmates put up their hands.)

Classmate #1: “But later on it says [contradicting passage] here. Which one is right?”

Teacher: “NO! Learn to read! It says—” *reads first passage very slowly*

Classmate #2: “But over here it says—”

Teacher: “No, read here. Read from line twelve.”

(Classmate #2 agrees and reads.)

Classmate #2: “But then it says—”

Teacher: “No, the answer is [first passage]. Let’s move on!”

(Whilst the teacher is reading the answer to another question he stumbles on the contradicting passage.)

Teacher: “However when the spider… Oh…”

Classmate #1: “There! Wasn’t that question five?”

(The teacher is silent for a bit.)

Teacher: “Why did no one mention this?”

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