Contracts Are Just Lip Service

| Romantic | January 16, 2014

(My girlfriend and I are texting each other on a lazy Saturday morning.)

Girlfriend: “Come make me breakfast? While you are here I’ll let you clean!”

Me: “Wow. That sounds like the invitation of a lifetime right there.”

Girlfriend: “I’d pay you in kisses!”

Me: “I usually get those for free! Now you’re jacking up the price? You’re just like a cable company!”

Girlfriend: “Free for 21 months, after which cleaning will need to be done to receive any sort of kissing compensation.”

Me: “I knew this relationship was too good to be true.”

Girlfriend: “Kissing will be free from time of engagement to wedding. Kissing will again be compensation for being good as well as for cleaning up following the vows…”

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