Contemplate A Template Reinstate

, , | Right | November 1, 2019

(I’m completing a project for a customer. Throughout, I’ve documented the process and next steps, clearly indicating what steps must happen before the next can proceed. This is done through bullet points, gantt charts, etc. The following is the tail end of an ongoing email trail.)

Customer: “So, I’ve done the step you asked me to. What’s next?”

Me: “I need a few days to evaluate that data and action it, and then we need to send an email out. I’ll send you a template you can use once we are at that step.”

Customer: *the next day* “So, what’s next?”

Me: “So, I’m still evaluating that data, but hopefully, we should be in a position to send emails in two days’ time.”

(The following afternoon.)

Me: “I’m pleased to advise we’ve finished actioning the data. I’ve attached a template communication for you which you can use. When would you like to send this out?”

Customer: “Can we send it tomorrow?”

Customer: *in a separate email* “Is this the template?” *sends back the template*

Me: “Sure, you can send the email whenever you like, and that is the template which you can amend.”

Customer: “I’ll just use the template, thanks.”

(The template includes instructions as to how to download and log into something, including the password/s required. The next day…)

Customer: “So, I sent out that email. When will you email advising how we access the stuff?”

Me: *after checking the template* “If you just sent out the template, we don’t need to, as that’s included.”

Customer: “But it doesn’t give the password?”

Me: *after checking the template I sent out over again* “It did, in the first line. Was that not on the version I sent over?”

Customer: “Oh, yeah. I never bothered reading it.”

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