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Containing This Monkey Business, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Kitsunefae | October 12, 2020

While working at the grocery store one night, I turn to the door and there’s a kid standing there with a monkey in a diaper on a leash. I just tilt my head, trying to figure out if I’m having a hallucination.

Kid: “It’s a monkey, miss.”

His mom is smirking.

Me: “Erm… let me check to see if monkeys are allowed in.”

This is a neighborhood grocer. I doubt that they are, but I’m not facing down the mom. She is one of THOSE customers; we all know and hate her. I walk over to my supervisor.

Me: “Supervisor, does [Store] allow monkeys?”

He’s worked with me for my entire tenure, and he knows that I only request supervisors if I really need them.

Supervisor: “Can you show me the monkey?”

I lead him over to the door where, indeed, the kid and his mom are still standing with the monkey on a leash.

Supervisor: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you can’t bring a monkey into the store.”

The mom gets mad and starts cussing my supervisor out because we’re somehow discriminating against her and her son for not allowing an animal in the store.

The kid just goes outside while his mom goes to grab a few things, complaining the entire time.

Containing This Monkey Business

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