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Conspire Against Attire

| Learning | October 17, 2016

(I have graduated with an honours degree and I am picking up my robes on the day of the graduation. My friend, who is also an honours graduate, is in line just before me. I approach the counter and provide my student ID.)

Lady At Desk: “Okay… Bachelor’s degree in [subject]?”

Me: “No, honours degree.”

Lady At Desk: *types something* “Okay, proceed to the robe fitting.”

(I move to the next station. As I’m getting fitted with my robes, I notice my friend getting fitted with his hood and leaving. After he has left, I approach the man fitting the hoods and he goes to put a bachelor’s hood on me.)

Me: “No, I need the hood for honours.”

Man: “They’re the same.”

Me: “No, they’re not; please give me the honours hood!”

Man: “They’re the same!”

(This goes back and forth for a bit before I leave, feeling upset and defeated. My parents meet me outside, see that I have the wrong hood and insist I go back and complain. Upon returning…)

Me: “Hi, I’ve been given the wrong hood; can you please give me the honours hood instead of bachelor’s?”

Lady At Desk: “Our systems tell us you need the bachelor’s hood.”

Me: “But I’m an honours student – not bachelor’s!”

Lady At Desk: “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

Me: “Can I speak to someone else?”

(I ended up speaking to another staff member, who was very helpful and called the graduate centre to confirm I needed the honours hood. I ended up graduating in the correct attire. Upon speaking to some of the other honours graduates, there was another who experienced the same problem!)

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