Consistent Miscomprehension

, , , , | Working | March 1, 2020

Some friends and I are on a road trip. We stop at a fast food restaurant to grab some food. We order separately and wait for our meals off to the side. We all have slightly unusual names, though they’re easy to pronounce. Or so we thought.

“Order for [Mispronunciation of My Name]!”

We’re the only ones waiting, so I know it’s my order. I get my food and wait with my friends still. A few moments later…

“Order for [Mispronunciation of Friend #1]!”

We giggle a bit. My friend gets their order and we wait again. Another moment passes.

“Order for [Mispronunciation of Friend #2]!”

My friend gets their order and we go back to the car. As soon as we’re heading out of the parking lot, one friend speaks.

Friend #2:
“At least they were consistent!”

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