Consign It To The Trash Where It Belongs

, , , , | Right | April 9, 2020

(I am trying on a few garments in a used-clothes shop change room. As I go to slide my leg into a pair of yoga pants, I am horrified to see a giant crusty stain in the crotch. To prevent anyone else from having the same stomach-turning experience, I carry them to the front when I go to ring out.)

Me: “I want to take these—” *dumps a half-dozen garments on counter* “—but these—” *holds up the yoga pants which are balled up so the cuff end is fully enclosing the scary end* “—have horrible filth in them. I dunno if you want to throw them out or wash them but they shouldn’t be on the sales racks like this.”

Cashier: *looking confused* “I’m not sure what you need me to do?”

Me: “Huh? You sell me these—” *gestures to my selections* “—and probably just toss those—” *points to the creepy yoga pants* “—in the bin. I’m confused as to why you’re confused?”


Me: “Yeah.”

Cashier: “I thought you’d brought all this in to consign it. But then you said you wanted to take it home so I was all, ‘What? Why bring it, then?’” *laughs*

Me: “Oh… I didn’t even know you’re a consignment shop. I’m just a customer.”

(So, it seems that for a few minutes there, she thought I brought MY OWN horrifically dirty pants to this shop and handed them to her. I’m blushing right now just recalling how embarrassed I was!)

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