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Considerate Customer Is Best Customer

, , , | Right | October 25, 2021

Customers putting things where they don’t belong annoys me, so I collect them and put them back. We have a small shelf for vacuum cleaner bags. On top of that lies a catalogue. A customer is standing in front of the shelf and comparing his make and model in the catalogue to the one on his cell phone. He puts away the catalogue and looks frustrated. I walk up to him.

Me: “Excuse me, sir, do you need assistance?”

He denies it at first but then makes me have a look at the picture of his vacuum cleaner on his phone. We both open the catalogue and identify his bag and he finds it on the shelf.

Me: “Wow, you would have found it without help. There should be more people like you!”

Customer: “Oh, there will be, look!”

He swipes on his cell phone and finds some beautiful black and white pictures of a pregnant woman.

Customer: “This is my missus!”

I congratulate him on that, as well.

Me: “Before we looked up in the catalogue, you looked frustrated. Why didn’t you ask me in the first place?”

Customer: “Well, from the look of it, you had other things to do.”

Me: “Once more, there should be more customers like you!”

Question of the Week

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