Consider Yourself Downsized, Part 2

| Working | June 26, 2013

(My friend and I are checking out a sale at a store. I’m plus sized, but not overly big. However, this particular store doesn’t sell anything over a large, so I check out shoes and jewelry while my friend looks for clothes. While I wait, a clerk spots me and starts clearing her throat while glaring at me. I ignore it at first, but after the fourth time, I have had enough.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Clerk: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry anything in your size. You can’t shop here.”

(I’m very taken aback by this. I’ve been teased about my weight when I was younger, but nothing so rude.)

Me: “Well, I know you don’t carry my size in clothing, but I can fit in the jewelry and shoes just fine. Besides, I’m just waiting for my friend over there to find the pants she wants to buy. ”

Clerk: “Maybe you don’t understand: you can’t shop here. We don’t carry your size.”

Me: “That’s really no way to speak to someone. I’ve already told you that I’m not looking for clothes.”

Clerk: “Miss, please understand we don’t carry anything that would fit you. Please leave; you’re causing a scene.”

Me: “Excuse me? You cannot speak to me that way. Please get me your manager.”

Clerk: *throws her hair* “Fine! Whatever… she’ll just tell you the same thing I’m telling you now: We. Don’t. Carry. Plus. Size.”

(She goes and gets her supervisor who listens to my story. All the while, the clerk is standing behind her looking smug.)

Manager: “Well, I’m very sorry for that miss.” *turns to clerk* “You’ve been warned about discrimination and this time you’ve gone too far. Get your things and me in the office so we can chat.

Clerk: “She’s just a fat b**** trying to make me look bad! You can stuff it!”

(The clerk continued to shout profanities of both of us, so the manager fired her on the spot and called mall security. On the plus side, the manager gave me a gift card for $100 to another branch of their store in the mall that does have my size!)


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