Connected To The G-String

| Friendly | May 13, 2015

(I have two roommates. I play the violin, and so does Roommate #1. Roommate #2 is not a musician. Roommate #2 knocks on the door while I’m in the bathroom.)

Roommate #2: “Someone left their violin out on the couch. Is it yours or [Roommate #1]’s?”

Me: “Don’t know. What make is it?”

Roommate #2: “How would I know that?”

Me: “There’s a sticker inside. Look into the F-hole.”

Roommate #2: *starting to laugh* “The WHAT?!”

Me: “The F-hole, those curvy holes in the… Oh, my god. How have I been playing the violin for fifteen years and not realized how dirty that sounds?!”

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