Congrats, Mum, You Woke Up!

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My mother has a story complaining about the one time she needed to work overnight and how my grandmother loudly complained because she was in bed at ten am, after she had gotten home at seven am.

We live next door to my parents and my son now works nights. One day, Mum complains that she came over to leave me a message and my son wouldn’t open the door.

Mum: “I knew [Son] was home because I saw him coming home at nine am, so I kept knocking but he never answered the door. Then I rang the home phone; he didn’t answer that, either.”

Me: “What time did you come over?”

She tells me the time.

Me: “You do realise that time is equivalent to two am for him?”

Mum: “He still should have gotten up to see who was at the door.”

Me: “He would have been asleep.”

Mum: “He could have gone back to sleep afterward.”

Me: “Okay, I will get him to call you tonight before he goes to work to apologise to you.”

Mum: “Good, what time does he go to work tonight?”

Me: “Two am.”

Mum: *Horrified* “He can’t call me at two am! I will be asleep!”

Me: “Exactly! Do you not remember that time you worked overnight?”

Mum: “Yes, your grandmother wouldn’t let me get any slee— Ohh, I’m doing the same thing, aren’t l?”

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