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My partner works in IT. Sometimes, he will have to reset passwords for internal systems. The formula for this is typically: Adjective – Noun – Number. These are one-use passwords that are automatically generated.

One day, my partner gets called into the office by the office manager. The man has a very grave expression on his face. Next to him is a middle-aged woman.

They sit my partner down and explain that he needs to be more sensitive and that they are sending him to sexual harassment training, giving him a warning, and if it happens again he will lose his job.

My partner is very confused, mainly because he has been in a committed relationship for ten years, and whilst not married, they have three kids together. He explains that he has no idea what’s going on, and he has never harassed someone intentionally.

Suddenly, the woman that my partner has never seen before pipes up and shouts, “It’s the d*** passwords. He’s sexually harassing me with his suggestive passwords!”

My partner looks even more confused and asks the office manager to explain. The woman is an internal client who locked herself out of the system. A randomly-generated password was sent out automatically from whoever was on out-of-hours call. It just happened to be my partner. He has never spoken to this woman in his life.

“What password?” my partner asks. “They’re randomly generated; you know that, right?”

The office manager gets extremely embarrassed, as he didn’t know that. He then asks the woman to write down the password so he can get the two words removed from the database, to make sure that the system does not generate any more offensive passwords.

The password that was generated? SadClown12

My partner and the office manager both get even more confused, and the manager asks the woman to explain how that could be offensive.

The woman then goes on to explain that it is an obscure sex act and she shouldn’t be harassed at work by such horrible language.

Makes you wonder how she knew about the sex act in the first place, if it was so offensive…

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