Confirming Nothing

, , , | Right | March 7, 2018

(Our hotel has been booked up for a particular Friday for weeks due to a convention in town. The night before that date, we are still technically entirely booked for that date, and we get a call from a guest.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], I have this lady on the phone, and she says she wanted to book for tomorrow night, but somehow it was booked for tonight, instead.”

Me: “Hmm… Well…”

Coworker: “Yeah, I explained that we were booked up, and she said we should accommodate her because she has a ‘confirmation.'”

Me: *after taking the appropriate time to process this logic* “No. Tell her we’re booked, and we can cancel her reservation for tonight, but that’s all.”

Coworker: *after getting back on the phone for a few moments* “Huh. She hung up. Didn’t even tell me if she wanted to cancel or not.”

Me: “Just put a note on her reservation not to charge it if it no-shows. You know, we’re at the point now that we’ll probably have plenty of rooms after no-shows and cancellations are accounted for. But since she decided to be a b****, she isn’t getting one.”

(If her logic carried, anyone could make a reservation for another night and then call and claim that it was supposed to be for a night when we’re sold out. I’m not going to reward that kind of stupid and solidify it in someone’s head that it can work that way.)

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