Con-Cussing Out The Bad Parents

| Friendly | May 20, 2015

(We go to a temporary ice rink that is set up every year in a local city. I can’t skate but my sister and boyfriend can. We decide to go so they can skate and I can attempt to. In the beginning I let them skate around while I get my balance and try on my own, holding the handrail around the side. Making my way round I come across a young boy, about 5-6 years old, holding the handrail, crying and looking quite lost.)

Me: “Are you okay?”

Boy: “I fell down. I hurt my head. I feel sick.”

(I quickly realise he could have a concussion.)

Me: “Where’s your mummy?”

(The boy points to a group of women at the entrance of the rink. Chatting amongst themselves paying little to no attention to anything happening on the rink. I call my boyfriend over and get him to grab one of the safety guys on the rink to come get the kid and lead him off the ice. I continue on my way round and get close enough to the group of women to hear this.)

Boy: “Mum, my head really hurts.”

Mother: *clearly worried, taking his skates off* “I know, darling. We’re going to go see the doctor so he can make you feel all better.”

(After she leaves.)

Other Mother: “I don’t know why she was in such a rush. Didn’t even answer my question before she just ran off. He’d only gotten a little bump. Some ibuprofen and he’d be fine.”

Boyfriend: *who is now next to me* “Stupid b****. Hope someone hits her in the head with a massive block of ice and gives her a concussion so she can see what it feels like.”

(Lady, we felt sorry for your daughter we saw leave with you.)

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