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Computers Can Be Very Tire-ing

, , , , | Right | June 20, 2021

I work in a small local computer retail store. We sell nothing but computers, monitors, and computer accessories. I watch a man pull into our parking lot, look around a while, and hesitantly come inside the store.

Customer: “Where are your tires?”

Me: “Tires? We sell computers.”

Customer: “You mean to tell me that you’re not [Large National Tire Chain]?

Me: “No, we’re a computer store. We just have home and office electronics here.”

Customer: *Pulls out a business card for the tire shop* “So, you’re not [Large National Tire Chain]?”

Yep, that’s us, we just decided to put up a different store’s sign today.

Me: “No… we are not.”

Customer: “And you don’t have any tires?”

Me: “No.”

The man sighed and walked out, looking very puzzled.

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