Composing An Early Lunch

, , , | Learning | August 11, 2017

(As part of my year 11 (junior) composition class, we have to compose and record a piece of music. When I go to record my composition, the school bell rings right at the end of the recording. As I don’t have enough time to do another version, I just leave it the way it is. A few weeks later, we are listening to some of the recordings and discussing them. Year 11s get frees, where they have no scheduled classes, so it’s not unusual to see year 11 and 12 students roaming around school campus.)

Teacher: “Okay, let’s hear [My Name]’s recording!”

(Teacher plays my recording at a loud volume, with the school bell ringing at the end.)

Teacher: “That’s all we have time for today; we’ll listen to the rest next lesson.”

Class: *packs up and leaves classroom*

Classmate: “Hey! Why isn’t there anyone else out of class?”

(The teacher had mistaken the school bell in my recording for the lunch break bell. We got to have an early lunch that day.)

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