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Completely Shredding Their Sense Of Entitlement

, , , , | Right | September 26, 2018

(I work at a popular office supply store. Every Thursday is payday, and I normally have that day off. I get my paycheck from the office and walk behind the Customer Service desk to get a pen to sign my name on the check. Keep in mind, we wear uniforms at my job — red shirts with black pants — and I’m wearing a black tee shirt and blue shorts. While I’m signing my name, my coworker is also standing next to me at the cash register. All of a sudden, a woman comes up and starts talking and saying she needs help. I keep my head down, assuming she’s talking to my coworker. Then, all of a sudden, she starts going crazy.)

Customer: *banging her fist on the counter* “EXCUSE ME!”

Me: *looks up at her, confused* “Yeah?”

Customer: “Why are you not acknowledging me?!”

Me: “I thought you were talking to the cashier.”

Customer: “No, I was talking to you! I expected better service from this place, considering I spend hundreds of dollars here for my company! Now, I’ll ask you again: where are your shredders?!”

Me: *pointing* “Far left wall, towards the back.”

Customer: “Thank you. Next time, you’d better acknowledge me, or else I’ll have some words to say about you to your manager!”

(She starts to walk away, but having enough courage, I call her back.)

Me: “Hey!”

Customer: “What is it now?”

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but here, we wear uniforms. As you can see from me and this cashier, we are dressed completely differently. Even though I do work here, since I’m off the clock and unfortunately dealt with your bad attitude, I had the full right and right-mind to tell you to eff off! But I didn’t; I told you where you needed to go and got you out of my hair. I know that you must be having a ‘long day,’ and I’m sure that guy is, and that guy is, too, but that doesn’t excuse your bad attitude. So, when you come up to pay for your shredder, I expect you to treat [Coworker] with respect and have a pleasant attitude. Good luck with your shredder!”

(The customer turned beet red and stormed off toward my manager to tell him what I’d just told her. He looked at me, then back at her, and simply shrugged his shoulders. She screamed in frustration and walked out of our store. I looked back at my manager and he simply smiled and winked at me. I’m always thankful that I have coworkers and managers to always have my back on and off the clock.)

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