Completely Sale’d Out

| Milwaukee, WI, USA | Working | May 17, 2015

(After determining that the Blu-ray player I want doesn’t have outputs that will work with my old TV, I’m trying to decide whether to wait two weeks, when I’ll be able to get a new TV also, or buy the player now, because it’s on sale.)

Me: “So, how long is this sale good for?”

Employee: *looks at shelf tag* “Wednesday. But don’t worry; it’ll be the same price.”

Me: “How’s that possible? Are you saying it’s not a real sale?”

Employee: “It’s a real sale. But these are always on sale.”

Me: “If it’s always the same price, it’s not really on sale.”

Employee: *backpedaling* “It’s not always the same price. Once this sale is over, it’ll be a different sale.”

Me: “So what will the price be after Wednesday?”

Employee: “It could be higher or lower. But it could be the same.”

Me: *laughing* “Well, that pretty much covers it.”

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