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Completely New Train Of Thought

| Romantic | February 7, 2014

(My boyfriend is playing GTA IV, and has been involved for some time in an exciting high-speed police chase. I’m sitting with my head in his lap, watching the game and commenting.)

Me: “Uh oh, that one almost caught you!”

Boyfriend: *very tense and distracted* “I know, I know. I’m trying!”

Me: “Ooh, are those train tracks? Does that mean there are trains?”

Boyfriend: “Probably.”

Me: “Can we steal one?”

Boyfriend: “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Me: “Let’s go steal a train!”

(The police are closing in.)

Boyfriend: “I’m a little busy right now, baby…”

Me: *sniffling dramatically* “If you really loved me, you’d stop playing with your silly police friends and steal a train for me.”

Boyfriend: “If I can lose these guys, I’ll steal you a dozen trains, baby. Just give me a minute here.”

Me: *pointing* “Your car’s a bit smaller than theirs. If you go into bullet time, you can probably just maneuver under that footbridge, and they’d have to go all the way around the office building. There’ll be a short window where you can swap cars and you should be able to shake them.”

(He pulls off the move and loses the police. Then he pauses the game, stands up, and grabs my hand.)

Boyfriend: “Forget the train. We’re going upstairs.”

Me: “Okay!”

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