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Completely Missed The Smoking Gun

, , , , , | Working | March 28, 2023

This is way back in the 1980s when you could smoke in your office.

A coworker and I share an office, but she wanted my job (which was higher), so she began complaining vociferously to management that her health was being affected by sharing the office with me due to my smoking.

Since I knew that she lived with a boyfriend who smoked, I knew her complaint was bogus.

So, one weekend, I just up and quit smoking. I’m not saying it was easy, but my motivation for showing her up was stronger than my cravings.

When I entered the office on Monday, I had not been smoking for three days. I continued for the week, waiting to see when she would notice. She never did, and she continued complaining to management about my smoking.

After two weeks, my boss sat her down and told her that despite her statements, our office had been smoke-free for two weeks, and she never saw it. He suggested that perhaps she needed to find a job with a different officemate since she had pretty well poisoned her relationship with us.

I still don’t smoke, and it’s forty years this year, so I thank her for her deviousness!

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