Completely In Your Face

, | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Working | June 19, 2014

(It’s just after work. I head over to a store where I saw a cardigan during lunch. It has been a long day and I am exhausted. I only have enough money in my account for the cardigan. I get stopped by an employee working a skin care stall.)

Employee: “Could I interest you in a free face cleanse and massage?”

Me: “No, I am sorry. I don’t want to waste your time as I do not have the money to buy anything off you.”

Employee: “No, no obligation. You look exhausted and I thought you would just like to relax for a moment.” *takes hold of my arm, leads me to a chair*

Me: “No, thanks.”

Employee: “Come on. You are exhausted. Just do something for you for this once.”

Me: *giving in* “Okay, but remember I can’t buy anything.”

Employee: “Okay.” *starts rubbing lotion on my face and gives me relaxing massage* “You’ve had botox!”

Me: “No”

Employee: “Wow, your cheeks are really nice and firm. No wrinkles.”

Me: “Um, thanks.”

(He finishes the massage and I am feeling a bit refreshed until he starts ringing up items on the register.)

Employee: “You need this, this, and this. Total is $120.”

Me: “No, I am not buying anything. I already told you that I don’t have the money.”

Employee: *starts slamming things down* “But…”

Me: “No buts. I didn’t want to do this but you pretty much dragged me over until I agreed even though I told you I had no money for it. Anyway, I like to feel how things go on my face and if there is a reaction before I buy. I was thinking of coming back tomorrow to purchase but your attitude now has put me off that.”

(I got my cardigan, which was the most expensive I’d ever bought. It has been five years and it’s still beautiful.)

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