Completely Hamming Up The Order

, , , | Working | April 27, 2018

(I’m a customer ordering a ham biscuit at a drive-thru.)

Me: “I’d like a ham biscuit, please, and nothing to drink.”

Order Taker: “We don’t have ham.”

Me: “You have Canadian bacon, correct? That’s ham.”

Order Taker: “Would you like to add egg and cheese?”

Me: “No, just the ham on it, please.”

(I pay for the order and drive to work, which is across the street. When I open the container, I find only one slice of ham and NO biscuit. I call them to speak to the manager and explain my order, and tell them how i just just a slice of ham. I overhear the manager speaking to the order taker:)

Manager: “I can’t believe you gave a customer just a slice of ham and no biscuit!”

Order Taker: “But she said she didn’t want egg or cheese.”

Manager: “But she wanted the biscuit with that ‘ham biscuit’ order!”

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