Complaints Come Knocking At Your Door

, , | Right | March 11, 2019

(I am updating our electronic complaints system as we received a complaint earlier in the day before I got in. I read it to myself and ask the manager on duty about it. He tells me the secure vehicle usually used to take our revenue from store to bank had an accident and was rescheduled to six am the next morning to meet the submission deadline. Said manager opened the door for the courier and kept it open until he came back. A woman walking by noticed the open door and assumed we were open.)

Manager: *blocking the door* “I’m sorry, madam, but we are closed until eight am.”

Woman: “But you have the door open.”

Manager: “I am keeping it open until a colleague leaves.”

Woman: “But the door is OPEN!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but we’re aren’t open until eight am.”


Manager: “I’m sorry, but we aren’t open until eight am. If you could please step aside, as I hear my colleague coming.”

Woman: “BUT THE DOOR—“ *stops, smiles, and steps aside for the courier* “—IS OPEN!”

Manager: *taking his chance to close the door* “Thank you for being so considerate to my colleague.”

(He locks the door and leaves. Every time he walks by he sees the same woman glaring in. It seems she stands there until opening time, at which time she storms up to the front desk, and demands to make a complaint. She is given the form by the manager, fills it in, and sprints out of the store.)

Me: “Did you read it?”

Manager: “No. I just stuck it in the basket.”

(I hand him the form.)

Manager: *looking up at me* “A complaint that she was two hours late for work because she couldn’t complain when she wanted to complain?”

(I submit the complaint with the manager’s account, and get a response back from our HR team almost immediately.)

HR: “Why did she wait? Couldn’t she have just come back later?”

(They requested we send the form over. Apparently, they framed it and hung it in their meeting room with the award for Most Ridiculous Complaint.)

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