Your Complaint Is Going Down The Toilet

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(It is our annual Christmas luncheon. I work for a decently large retail and pharmacy company at the warehouse that supplies all our store locations. Our executive vice-president and chief operating officer is in attendance, giving a speech thanking all our temporary workers. He says if they have any comments to please not hesitate. A temp worker then raises his hand, so our COO lets him speak.)

Temp: “Yeah, since you’re here, I have a complaint to make. The toilet paper in the warehouse is pretty rough. I’ve been next door, and theirs seems softer, so I was wondering if we could get better toilet paper here, because I have to go like three times a day and my a** is getting pretty sore.”

(Our COO, fortunately, handles it pretty tactfully.)

Chief Operating Officer: “Well, I’m sorry to hear your bottom has been hurt, but I assure you that at head office we use the same toilet paper, so we’re all in it together.”

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