Complaining For Complaining’s Sake

, , | Right | May 3, 2018

(I get a call at midnight from some lady that just has a “feeling” that something wis wrong with her reservation at our hotel. I check the computer for her name.)

Me: “Ma’am, the computer says it’s been canceled.”

Customer: “What?! I didn’t want it cancelled! All right, I did, but I asked for it to be rebooked so I could get a low price!”

Me: *pause* “Well, I would book it for you again, but we’re sold out now.”

(She screams breathlessly at me for almost an hour. Unreasonable, since I wasn’t the one who cancelled it. In a panic, I call my manager for some advice. After explaining, he says, yawning, to just ignore her. But she keeps calling, and our phone doesn’t have caller ID. Finally, after six hours of dealing with her, someone cancels their reservation, so there is a room for her now. She is super lucky, as this is very rare. After telling her the good news, she says:)

Customer: *suspiciously* “You sure? Sure? You’re not kidding? Okay… Well, that’s good.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, and I’m sorry for my coworker cancelling your reservation; maybe she misunderstood?”

Customer: *finally gets it* “Yes, maybe… And sorry for blaming you.” *hangs up*

(I thought everything was finally all right, but no. The next morning, the lady came to check in, and complained about everything: the decor, the service, the pool, the food, the walls, the beds, the furniture, everything. She hated everything. She left us our first poor review in a long time. The manager was furious and blamed me for everything. Guess I should’ve done what he said and ignored the crazy b****! I learned my lesson. Always do what your manager says!)

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