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Complaining About The Youth

, , , , | Right | November 25, 2020

I own my own business and, whilst I am young, it is reasonably successful. A man in his fifties walks up to me, looking really mad at me.

Customer: “Can I speak to you about your service?”

I turn around to face him.

Me: “Of course!”

Customer: “Oh. Actually, can I speak to someone with more authority? The manager, perhaps?”

Me: “Sir, I am the manager.”

Customer: “Okay. The owner, then.”

Me: “Yes, that’s me, too.”

The customer then turns to leave, making it clear that he no longer wishes to make a complaint as I am so young. I later discover that he made his complaint, instead, to another female member of staff, who is about sixty.

He chose to complain about me and my impertinence, and apparently did not believe that someone so young could own a successful business. He did not complain about whatever he wished to speak to the owner about, however.

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