Complaining About Acting On The Complaining

| Right | July 28, 2017

Guest: “There are girls screaming around the halls. I’m trying to sleep.”

Me: “Awfully sorry, sir. I’ll go tell them to stop.”

Guest: “What will you do if they don’t?”

Me: “Well… our policy is to throw out any noisemakers that are disturbing others.”

Guest: *aghast* “WHAT?!”

(I find the girls, and they are indeed running around, yelling. Laughing, they promise to stop.)

Guest: “You’re not really going to throw them out if they don’t stop, are you?”

Me: “Think of it like this: they are probably not only disturbing you, but others who paid for a good night’s rest. One warning is all they get.”

Guest: “But where will they go? That’s harsh! The girls paid, too!”

Me: “Um… I’m sorry, but that is our policy.”

Guest: “No! Forget I said anything!”

(The girls started up again and were kicked out. The man protested, and then complained to corporate, comparing us to Nazis. Um, okay…)

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