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Our store has an on-call policy where you call in at your scheduled time and see if they need you. I have been on call many times, and I always call in on time. However, I recently got a second job two days a week and changed my availability to only work morning shifts those days to reflect this. I made sure the managers were aware of why I was changing my availability when it happened.

One day, I’m looking over the new schedule and see I’m on call on one of my short days. My call-in time is ten am, and I’m only available until 12:30. I decide to call in early, around eight, so that if they do need me, I can actually go in. I tell my coworkers in my department that I will be calling in early that day. I even talk to an assistant manager about calling in early because of my availability that day, and she assures me it will be fine.

I call work at eight. No answer. I immediately call back. No answer. I wait a couple of minutes and call back. It is now 8:15, and finally someone answers. I’m told that I have to call back at ten, despite my saying on the phone that I’m only available to work until 12:30, which is why I called in early. I decide to watch TV until ten, and I leave my phone in my room.

Right before I’m about to call in, I get a call from work. Apparently, they tried to call me at 8:30 to tell me to come in. I tell them that I can come in, but I can’t stay past 12:30, because of my second job, so I would really only be there for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.

I got the morning off.

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