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Communication Is So Not Their Strong Suit

, , | Right | June 21, 2022

Client: “This is some great stuff. I can’t decide which graphic I prefer for the front, though.”

Me: “I personally think the last one is the best. When you decide which graphic you prefer, let me know so I can gather the images I need and build it.”

He never tells me which graphic he prefers and does not respond to my emails. With the deadline twenty-four hours away, I go ahead and spend two hours in Photoshop building the one I think is best. Then, three hours before the deadline…

Client: “This isn’t the graphic I wanted! Where’s the other one?”

Me: “You never told me which graphic you liked, and I thought the deadline couldn’t be pushed back.”

Client: “I wanted the other one.”

Me: “What other one? I made four different versions.”

Client: “The one before this one.”

Me: “There were three.”

Client: “Yes, one of those.”

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