| USA | Learning | October 13, 2016

(A fellow student and I enter a classroom at the same time. The class is half-full, and Student #1 is sitting near the front of the class, holding her face, crying quietly but furiously. Nobody else in the classroom bothers to even look in her direction. The student I walked in with, Student #2, immediately goes to her.)

Student #2: “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Student #1: “I accidentally sprayed myself in the eye with my asthma spray.”

Student #2: “Okay, let me take you to the nurse.”

(They leave. A few minutes pass, the teacher comes, and the class starts. About ten minutes in, the student comes back. She stomps to the front of the class.)

Student #2: *to the teacher* “I have something to say.” *she points to the other students who ignored the crying girl* “What the h*** is wrong with you?! Your fellow classmate was crying her d*** eyes out and you all ignored her like she was nothing! What happened to your sense of community, of duty to help your fellow man?! You know what? I’m glad to know this. I’m glad to know that in an emergency, I should never rely on you because you’re all WORTHLESS! I’m ashamed to be in your presence!” *to the teacher again* “I’m sorry for interrupting!”

(She then left the classroom in a huff and I never saw her in class again.)

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