Common Sense Says: “Be Quiet!”

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I am doing teacher training to teach college and secondary school students. Before this, I went to University and earned a degree in Psychology.

When I start my teacher training I make quite a lot of friends on the course, however, there is a very close-knit group on the program that is headed by a rude woman who feels they know better at everything and like to diminish other people’s teaching subjects.

Today we moved on to behaviourism and education, My lecturer values my opinion on the subject and asks me from time to time in class if I wanted to elaborate. This irks the rude woman.

Rude Woman: “Isn’t behaviourism and psychology all just common sense?”

Me: “No, it isn’t. It opens up a lot of different areas and research paths.”

Rude Woman: *Laughing* “No, it’s just common sense.”

I give up because you argue with stupid.

A few weeks pass and we have to give a presentation in groups about different subjects we have covered so far. The rude woman and her group begin to present. She is presenting her portion of the presentation, which happens to be biopsychology and education, an area that is one of my specialties. She finishes her presentation with:

Rude Woman: “But it’s all just common sense anyway, isn’t it?”

She looks directly at me.

Rather than back down, I decide to ask her a question about her section of the presentation.

Rude Woman: “I don’t know, I don’t have my notes with me.”

Me: “But I thought it was common sense?”

Rude Woman: *Pissed off* “Why don’t you get up and present it?”

So I did, I got up, and presented her slides in detail and said thank you, and sat down. My lecturer was totally on board with this and was amused herself.

And that’s the last time the rude woman questioned anyone else’s subject.

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