Common Sense Is Not That High-Reaching…

| Right | April 28, 2009

(This was during a first-stage fire alarm in the hotel, which was already verified to be a false alarm.)

Guest: *completely oblivious to the fire alarm* “The elevators aren’t working properly!”

Me: “The elevators won’t work during a fire alarm, but we already know it’s a false alarm. It will take us about 5 minutes to reset the elevator doors. If you need to get to your room right now the stairs are just outside those doors.” *pointing*

Guest: “Why won’t they work? I don’t get it.”

Me: “In a real emergency such as a fire, it is unsafe for anyone to use the elevators. I assure you it’s a pretty standard procedure. If you need to get up right away I can show you the stairs.”

Guest: “Well, that’s just unsafe! What do the people trapped on the upper floors do?! HOW DO THEY GET DOWN DURING A FIRE?!”

Nearby Guest: *patiently waiting for the elevator to be re-set* “They use the same stairs you were told to use!”

Guest: “Well, I’m not from the city, I don’t know these things!”

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