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Common Sense Is Not On The Cards

| Learning | July 5, 2016

(I work at a college that uses an automated print kiosk service for the students to do prints. Your choice for payment is to either upload money to a cloud account using your credit card, or use a prepaid print card (similar to a gift card) you buy at a store and print directly from a flash drive.)

Student: “I don’t have my print card with me; how do I print out?”

Me: “Your choices are to upload money to a cloud account, or buy another prepaid print card.”

Student: “Yes, I do have a print card but I left it at home. How do I use it to print out?”

Me: *goes into a five minute conversation on how to print*

Student: “Yes, but I DO have a print card but I left it at home… How do I use it to print?”

Me: “Look, it is like having a Starbuck’s gift card. If you get one as a card as a gift it does not sync up with any other account you have. You just use the gift card like money and once it is gone, it’s gone.”

Student: “But I have a print card…”

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