Common Sense Has Cashed Out

| Right | July 11, 2017

(I sell auto insurance for one of the major US companies. We sell policies directly though the company or through a network of local agents. This customer calls for a quote over the phone, and as part of the triage it’s verified that the customer can pay over the phone with a checking account or major credit card. He states that he can, but he normally only deals in cash. I try to refer him to an agent in his area who can provide a quote and would be able to accept a cash payment, but he declines the referral even after I’ve explained that a payment will need to be made over the phone or online if he wants to purchase insurance from me. I’ve completed the quote and the customer indicates he wants to buy the policy. The customer has been using profanities liberally and was pretty uncooperative in providing information necessary to properly complete the quote throughout the call, so I should have seen this coming, although he’d been fairly civil until…)

Me: “Would you like to make the payment with a card or your checking account?”

Customer: “Cash. I only pay with cash.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I have no way to accept a cash payment over the phone; you can use a card, including a pre-paid card if necessary, or a check. Which will you be using?”

Customer: “You useless piece of dirt b*****! Why didn’t you tell me you won’t take cash? I don’t have a checking account or a credit card; they are of the devil, just like you, and I’m sure as h*** not going to give someone my money to get an evil pre-paid chunk of fire and damnation! What a f*****g waste of time and breath this has been!”

Me: “…”

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