Common Decency Is Dropping Like Flies

| USA | Learning | September 3, 2014

(We are reading ‘Lord of the Flies’ in English. The other day, the teacher gave us a sheet of questions about what we would do in situations like that of the boys. We are discussing them in class when we reach a few questions about keeping power once you’ve obtained it.)

Teacher: “So, if you were in Ralph’s position, how would you keep the boys in line and stand up to Jack’s challenges?”

(Everyone looks at each other, but says nothing. It is the first period of the day, and no one feels like starting.)

Teacher: “Really? Nothing?”

(Student #1 raises his hand.)

Student #1: “I would use iron discipline to keep them in line and kill anyone who disagreed!”

Teacher: “What?!”

Student #2: “Yeah. I would, too.”

Teacher: “Really? All of you would do that?”

Entire Class: *nods*

Teacher: *laughing in disbelief* “You guys are horrible!”

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