Committing Family Tree-son

| Related | December 27, 2013

(We decide to pick out a Christmas tree. My mom is sick and doesn’t really want to do it. My family is being selfish and keeps asking her, so she decides to go.)

Me: “Mom, you don’t have to go. You should get some rest.”

Mom: “No. It’s okay. Let’s go get a tree.”

(We start the drive. It is snowing a lot and is accumulating quickly.)

Mom: “Wow, the car keeps sliding. This is very bad. We shouldn’t have gone out.”

Me: “I told everyone. Mom is sick and it’s horrible outside. We aren’t far from the house. Let’s turn back.”

Grandmother: “No one cares what you said.”

Me: “So, no one cares that I am concerned about the wellbeing and safety of the family?”

Grandmother: “I told you that’s it. NOW SHUT UP!”

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