Your Commentary Doesn’t Float Well

, , , | Working | April 23, 2018

(We are undergoing staff training at our pool and have some new lifeguards. Before we get in the water, I am showing a new girl around and answering all her questions. She is tall with an athletic build and I am short with some extra pounds on my frame. For stations, we are divided into groups, and she and I are grouped together with four other boys. Everything is fine until we get to spirals. We are practicing from deep to shallow water. When the instructor leading the station asked us to get into partners, all the boys partner up, so I approach her about being partners. I immediately get the vibe that she doesn’t seem happy with this, but try to chalk it up to paranoia.)

Instructor: *noticing the gendered partnering* “I kind of sensed this would happen. Listen. It’s okay for now, but you all have to realize that we don’t get a choice in who you rescue. I’ve had to rescue men, women, seniors, children, etc. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to try to partner up with somebody different every time. That way, you’re prepared for it all.”

(This is when the new girl I’m partnered with pipes up for commentary.)

New Girl: “I guess I’m already doing that, because if I had a choice, I would’ve picked someone smaller and skinnier to rescue.”

(For some reason, my reaction is to assume she’s making a joke, so I turn to her, expecting her to take her comment back. Instead, I see her shrug and remain firm in what she said.)

Instructor: “You.” *points to new hire* “Sit out. You’re not in the rest of the session.”

(She eventually got fired for the amount of shifts she missed. Also, the joke was on her, because in swimming it is the ones with a little more fat on their bodies that can float better. So, SUCK IT, new girl!)

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