Coming To Illogical Conclusions

| Related | April 9, 2014

(I’m a total geek, unlike the rest of my family. We’re watching the Olympics when a commercial comes on featuring characters from ‘Star Trek.’)

Me: *very excited* “Look! It’s Spock!”

Sister: “Who’s Spock?!”

Mom: “He looks really weird.”

Me: “How can you possibly not know who Spock is?! For your information, he’s half human, half Vulcan. He often doesn’t acknowledge his human side as he sees that as a weakness. Furthermore, he may look weird, but he’s awesome!”

Mom: *completely serious* “What’s a Vulcan? And why does he have those pointy ears? He looks like an elf.”

Me: “A Vulcan is a type of alien that is extremely logical. And come to think of it, Elves and Vulcans are a lot alike. They are both superior races that are generally unemotional and of a very high intelligence. Also, they both have pointy ears.”

Mom: “That’s not what an elf is!”

Me: “I was referring to the Elves in Lord of the Rings, Mom. Not the annoying creatures that make toys! Those aren’t REAL Elves.” *noticing something on the TV* “Wait! Is that Data?!”

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