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Coming To Elblows

, , , , | Right | August 25, 2021

I work in a clinic that provides massage therapy. I was the only person in the clinic on a Saturday morning, with three appointments booked. The first two were booked back-to-back, and then there was an hour break before the third appointment, which was the last of the shift. 

When I arrived, there was a message on the answering machine that the second appointment needed to reschedule, so I called the third appointment to try and move her up so I wouldn’t be wasting two hours. She said rudely that she couldn’t come any earlier because her son’s birthday party was that day and she’d told me that when I took the booking. I wasn’t the one who made the appointment. 

I waited almost three hours; she was late. She was a first-time client, so she needed to fill in a medical history form, which she complained about doing because she was only there for a sore elbow. The form tells me about possible allergies, mobility issues like getting onto/off the table, or anything I should be aware of like epilepsy. It’s a necessary document.

During the hour-long appointment, she only wanted me to work on her elbow. About twenty minutes in, my own thumbs started to hurt so I switched to using a wooden “thumb”. She complained that it hurt. I explained that I was damaging my own joints by continuing, but she kept complaining about how she was taking time away from her son on his birthday and I was making things difficult for her, and all she wanted was someone to fix her elbow.

Massage was not going to “fix” her obviously long-standing soft tissue injury in an hour.

Afterward, while I was washing my hands in icy water because my hands were in pain, she stormed out of the room, yelling at me for making her elbow worse. She did actually pay, throwing cash at me and blaming me for the pain she was now experiencing. 

I gave up. I just wanted her out so I could go home. 

On her way out, she said she was never coming back. Good!

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