Coming To A Speedy Resolution  

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(I work in a pizza delivery store. The people I work with are great; it’s like a small family. We have a customer who is semi-regular, ordering every three weeks or so, but she always gets delivery. She lives twenty minutes out of town but pays an extra $5 on top for us to deliver to her. For the past three orders, she has called the store to complain about her pizza being cold, so this time the owner made, cooked, cut, sauced, and delivered it himself to make sure it was right. Sure enough, she calls again and this is one side of the conversation.)

Owner: “Well, ma’am, I am sorry that you feel that way… Yes, yes, it was… Yes, I did that all myself… No, there is no one higher up than me; I’m the owner… There is no corporate… What would you like me to do, ma’am?… I’d suggest that you come get it yourself if that’s the problem… Yes, I know you pay extra to get it delivered… I’m not going to ask my staff to speed for you… Hang on.”

(He starts searching on the computer.)

Owner: “Okay, ma’am, for an extra $390 I can get it to you in ten minutes… Well, that’s the going price of a speeding ticket… I’m sorry you feel that way… I am going to write a note saying we won’t deliver to you anymore… Goodbye, ma’am.”

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