Coming To A Cold Naked Realization

| Romantic | December 15, 2015

(My boyfriend and I have just been napping, but we have things to do and know that we should get out of bed. It should be mentioned that I am not wearing anything.)

Boyfriend: “We need to get up. And I need to take a shower.”

Me: “You go take a shower and I’ll stay in bed until you get up.”

Boyfriend: “Okay, but you better get up when I come back.”

(Later, my boyfriend comes back from having taken his shower.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, time to get up!”

Me: “Meh.”

Boyfriend: “You said you’d get up! Okay, I’m just going to have to push you out of bed.”

(He gets back in bed with me.)

Boyfriend: “Oh, my God, you are so warm! This feels so nice!”

Me: “You were the one who said we needed to get up!”

Boyfriend: “Yes, but then you went and made this bed the single most attractive place to be in the world! I have a warm naked girlfriend in bed with me. Why would I want to leave it?”

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