Coming Out Is No Joke

| Learning | July 9, 2017

(I am currently taking drama classes in school. At the moment, we are currently focusing on comedy, and we are told to tell the class a joke we like. It should also be noted that I am pansexual.)

Teacher: “All right, [Student #1], your joke.”

Student #1: “Hmm…”

Student #2: *quietly* “Do the clown one!”

Student #1: “Okay, got it. Hey, [My Name], have you ever seen the clown that hides from gay people?”

Me: *I’ve mostly zoned out, and I barely register the question, so I answer without thinking* “Nope.”

Class: *some stifled giggles, given that I just fell for what is currently one of the jokes making the rounds in our grade*

Me: *I register what I just said, and decide to roll with it* “I’d be a bit worried if I had seen it, honestly.”

(At this point, the class collapses into giggles.)

Student #1: “Hold on, so, you’re gay? Like, actually?” *I think he thought I was joking*

Me: *I shrug* “Yeah. That and I don’t like clowns.”

(The class moved on fairly quickly, and that was how I semi-accidentally came out to my drama class!)

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